The Components

Byrne Wright visited Maine for the first time in 1992. A good friend of his had relocated to Maine and invited Byrne to visit. After a week exploring mountains, woods, cow pastures, electric fences, bear trails and old train tracks, Byrne left Maine and returned to Pennsylvania. But he never forgot his time in the Pine Tree State or the beautiful night sky above it. He visited several times over the years and always wanted to stay. In 2020, Byrne moved to Maine and is happy to finally be Home.

Moving can be a difficult and complicated process. Selling one house while trying to find and purchase a new one can be intimidating. Byrne encountered many challenges on his journey to Maine and realized how important it is to have good people to work with. He decided to pursue a career in Real Estate to help others through the process. Byrne understands that selling a house full of memories can be emotional. He knows that no one is looking for just any property. They’re looking for the right property. Byrne believes that respect for people and their situation is more important than just closing a deal.

Byrne spends his free time pretending to be a handyman, doing odd jobs and small renovations around the house, working on his tractor, because it always seems to need a repair of some kind and confusing his neighbors with new variations of obscenities when he breaks something. Byrne is just a regular guy who happens to work in real estate. If you want someone who is honest, direct and knows the value of a handshake, Byrne is the Real Estate Agent for you!

* It’s Pronounced Burn

Byrne Wright

Licensed Real Estate Agent & REALTOR®

A dedicated and creative organizer since early childhood, Maggie finds purpose and clarity in a well planned To Do List, replete with check boxes and nested sub-tasks. (A good mug of coffee helps too!)

As the Business Coordinator and Task Herder in the Office at Real Wright, Maggie uses her passion for organization and creativity to keep things on track. In past professional incarnations, she has been an office manager and has worked in the origination department for several mortgage brokers. These experiences give her an understanding of the behind the scenes processes happening while buying a home. Which can be helpful when a Buyer Client is confused about why their loan application is being sent back to underwriting. Again.

Maggie has a degree in Horticulture that comes in handy more often than you’d think here at Real Wright. Frequently, while Byrne is at a showing with clients, she’ll receive a text with a photo of a random unidentified plant and the question: “What’s this?”. A moment with Google usually confirms her initial hunch and the formerly unknown plant has a name.

When not in the office tapping away at the keyboard, she can be found outside tending the gardens. There are many lessons to be learned from nature and Maggie finds great satisfaction in planting a seed, proverbial or otherwise, and nurturing it through to fruition.

Maggie Wright

Business Coordinator & Task Herder

The System

Real Wright, Real Estate the Wright Way.

It's not just an extremely creative play on words. It's how we do business. Our way. The Right way.

When Byrne & Maggie started this career in real estate they were relatively new to Maine. They didn't have a large pool of friends or family in the state to give them a boost to get started. However, they did have a plan. The plan was to be themselves. To do their best, while striving to be better. To help people navigate what can often be a very challenging process. To treat customers and clients as people, not revenue units. To be real, in real estate.

Byrne would be the public facing agent. Answering calls, fielding questions, meeting with clients, calming fears, showing properties, pointing out material defects, gathering information, therapy sessions, crafting offers, caring for livestock and quite literally holding hands at times. Because that's who he is. Honest, understanding, detail oriented, client focused and driven to make sure everything gets done the right way.

Maggie would work behind the scenes as office manager and business coordinator. Scheduling tasks, meetings, appointments, calls, training, reminders.... Collecting, preparing, printing and assembling property information, listing agreements, buyer agreements, deeds, disclosures, tax maps, surveys.... She, holds the business together. Installing common sense and logic into an ever changing, ever challenging workflow. Making sense of it all.

As parts of the whole, Byrne and Maggie each play their part. Without either, nothing would be Real Wright.

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Ruby Throated humming bird
Ruby Throated humming bird