Who is Byrne Wright?
I'm just a regular guy who happens to be a licensed Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®. I'm easy going, honest and pride myself on always being available for my clients. I wear jeans and flannel a lot and my beard gets long and unruly in the winter. Is that too much information? I should have mentioned I'm also very open and direct.

What can you expect when you call Byrne Wright?
Friendly conversation, honest information and maybe a couple of laughs. No pressure, no pitches, no obligation. I'm just a regular guy who happens to work in real estate.

What questions will be asked on my first call with Byrne Wright?
If you're calling about listing a property for sale, I will normally ask for a good time to meet you at the property so I can see it and meet you in person. If you are calling about buying property, I will ask for details so I can get an idea of what you're looking for.

What services does Byrne Wright offer?
I work with sellers and buyers of residential property. Houses, camps and raw land. No property is too big or too small. All of my clients get the same level of service. I provide free home Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and seller consultations as well as free buyer consultations. If you decide to work with me, I will be with you through every step of your transaction.

What is Byrne Wright's coverage area?
Somerset, Franklin and Kennebec counties are my primary areas. However, I have worked with clients as far North as The Forks and as far South as Poland. If you are buying or selling in an area that would be too far for me to help you effectively, I have a network of great agents all across Maine and I can find someone who is a better fit for your needs.

Why do I see Byrne Wright is an agent from Hallowell on some websites?
The LAER Realty Partners office I am affiliated with is located in Hallowell Maine.

How much does it cost to work with Byrne Wright?
Initially, nothing. I do not charge any retainer fees and work for commission based on the value of the property that you are buying or selling. I believe in being transparent about commission fees and will review all of that information with you before you agree to be my client. Every transaction is different and I can’t tell you exactly what you will pay until the final details are also known. In most cases you will not pay anything until the closing of your transaction.

How much is my home worth?
Let's see! I would be happy to take a look and give you a free estimated value and consultation. I have all the tools needed to compare your home to others in the area, review current market trends and historical data to get an accurate estimate of your home's value.

What is the market like?
Ever changing. However, while some things change, some things never do. There will always be a need for housing. There are always buyers and there are always sellers. If you wait for the market to change so it fits your needs you might miss your best opportunity. I always say, the best time to buy or sell your home is when you're ready.

What is a REALTOR® and why is it in all caps?
Here is the official answer from Realtor.com:
Realtors are licensed real estate agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors®, the largest trade group in the country. Every real estate agent is not a Realtor, but most are. If you’re unsure, you can ask your agent if he or she is a licensed Realtor. Realtors are also held to a higher ethical standard than real estate agents and must adhere to a Realtor Code of Ethics. In this sense, when home buyers hire a licensed real estate professional who is also a Realtor, they have added assurance that they will receive fair and exceptional service from beginning to end. REALTOR® is a registered trademark and often used in all caps.

Why should I work with a licensed REALTOR®?
So many reasons! But, I'll keep this short. Buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction most people will ever be involved in. REALTORS® work in the market every day and have extensive knowledge that can help you get the most value for your home or make sure you're getting the best home for your money. They have access to list properties in the MLS which places the listing on all of the major online sites and ensures that other real estate agents who have clients actively looking to buy will see it. REALTORS® also have access to all of the documents and disclosures for property that is listed for sale so they can make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision. Once you are a client with a REALTOR®, they are obligated by law to work in your best interest.

Why should I work with Byrne Wright?
So many reasons! But, I'll keep this short. Mostly, because you're comfortable with me. I never ask anyone to become my client until they are comfortable that I am the REALTOR® that they want to work with. Some people want a suit and tie real estate agent. That's not me. Some people want an agent with specific traits or characteristics that I don't have. If you get to know me and you don't feel that I'm the right REALTOR® for you, I'll understand and help you find someone who is a better fit. I never work with people that I don't trust and I wouldn't expect you to either.

Does Byrne Wright work with "Out of Staters"?
Of Course. We all came from somewhere. I was born and raised in PA and moved to Maine in December of 2020. I packed a rented truck, made the trip to Maine then went back to PA, got a second truck and made the trip again. In the snow, uphill both ways. I understand from experience that moving can be very challenging. I've helped people from as far away as Idaho find their new home in Maine and handled all of their relocation needs from this end to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. I'm happy to work with anyone, from anywhere if they believe Maine is where they want to be.

How can I get more information?
Call me at 207-616-7068
Email me at Byrne@RealWright.com


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